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The investment offer of Znin District Print
The investment offer of Znin District

The local authorities would hitherto like to invite all people interested to invest in Znin District and the town itself.

Znin is located on the E5 road, which is an A-road, about 30 miles south from Bydgoszcz. It has a reach history dating back 740 years. The northern part of the town has been earmarked for industrial development, where factories, warehouses and other types of enterprise can and have been built.

Znin's assets:
1. An attractive location – Znin in located on the E5 road, which connects Bydgoszcz and Gniezno. In connection with EURO-2012 Football Championship a dual carriageway is planned to be built.
2. The proximity of large cities – Bydgoszcz, Gniezno, Poznan, Inowroclaw, Torun – which are big markets for various products.
3. The industrial zone is fully fitted out with what is needed to start the construction of the new buildings immediately.
4. Tourist and cultural advantages of Paluki Region: numerous lakes and forests, narrow gauge railway line, architectural monuments, museums.
5. Large number of highly qualified workers.

The abovementioned advantages were noticed by such investors as Pepsi-Cola, Frigo Logistics (the Japansese owner of Nichirei Corporation of Tokyo), German Köhler and Bovenkamp or French Preva. Znin's economic potential can be further shown by the enumeration of the Polish companies operating there: Domaroll, Jantex, Kandex, Komex, Lipro, Mech-Masz, Pozmlecz, Ronach or Spomasz. There are a few banks there as well, PKO BP, Millennium, Bank Spoldzielczy ”Paluki”, together with offices and many companies geared towards providing services and trading. Znin's hotel and culinary base is well prepared to provide services to all tourists. There are high standard hotels, recreation centres located picturesquely among the lakes, camping sites and tourist farms in the district.
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