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poniedziałek, 22 październik 2007
Sport events and competitions are frequently organised each year,the initiative of which is taken by: citizens, associations, schools, authorities, offices, departments, local press and broadcasting radiostation as well. The City Sport Centre is the major organiser and initiator of all sorts of sport events.
    Numerous tournaments and competitions throughout the whole year take place at the sports hall or at the stadium in Żnin. A number of events take place there such as Indoors  Football  League, tie games, training of the local football team "Pałuczanka", fire brigade competitions and many other events.
    What attracts attention of local people but also from other parts of the country every year is the International Motonautic Tournament on the Małe jezioro Żninskie (the Little Żnin lake).In 2007, from 5th to 7th October International Motonautic championships in divisions O-350 and O-125,European championship in the O-700 division, and finals of Poland's Motonautic championships in divisions: S-550, T-400, T-550 and JT-250 were organised on the Chaple lake. More details on the
    Tennis fans can join the tennis wing, part of the Citie's Sport Centre. During the year many tennis competitions are organised on Żnin's tennis courts. There is also Chess wing operating,the members of which are  competing for advancement  to the first league, and also not to mention the volleyball wing.CSC provides citizens  and tourist with spa, gym, sport hall, stadium, tennis courts and accomodation.      In CSC's calendar there is a few events occuring every year, these are: local "Strong Man Tournament",  Żnin's Ergonometer Championships and kayak boat-race. More information and galleries can be found on the CSC's website: .
    In the township of Żnin a great deal of associations and clubs operates for example: Fotball Club "Pałuczanka" Association, Paluki Paraglider's Association, Interschool Sailing Club,  Sports Club
"Jeziorak", Schoolboy Sports Club "Jedynka" in Żnin, Football Club "Brzysko-Rol" in Brzyskorzystewko, Pałuki's Voluntary Lifeguard's Association, Angling Association "Pałuczanin", Windsurfing Team Żnin and many others.
    Above all the town hall willingly takes part in some sport events, not only through organising but also competing. In August 2007 the town hall and internet broadcasting radiostation "Radio Żnin" organised an amateur
football tournament on the old Bishop's residence football pitch, in which 7 teams played: officials from the District Office, Inland Revenue, District Employment Department, District Police Station, Town hall in Żnin,
internet radiostation "radio Żnin", and the team of Żnin's priests. Photos on this event can be found on:  or in our gallery.
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