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Town Council of Żnin Print
The Town Council

The Town Council  is the main administrtive body supervising and establishing rules. The term of office lasts four years from the day of elections.The Town Council has its office located on the territory of the township.
The Town Council has a range of competences:
• adopting budget, statute of The Town Council, projects on local space management, projects concerning investment management, water and sewage management system and many other issues.
• appointing and dismissing the township's secretary-on the mayor's application and the treasurer, who is the main bookkeeper in issues on budget
• passing and resuming resolution on issues like: stock emition, raising log term loans, creating and entering partnerships, cooperation with other municipalities, local and regional communities of different countries, raising statues, naming streets and taking decisions concerning the township's coat of arms
• granting honorary citizenship of Znin
Head of Znin's Town Council:
Lucjan Adamus
tel. (+48)(0-52) 3031301, wewn. 142, 139
fax (+48)(0-52) 3031103
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
700-lecia st. 39, 88-400 Znin, ground floor, room nr 9
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