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poniedziałek, 17 wrzesień 2007
The Economy
District Znin has the area of 251.55 square kilometers or 96.91 square miles, of which 8.35 sq km or 3.22 sq miles is occupied by the town of Znin. Farmland occupies 20188 ha or 49885 acres, which constitutes 80.25% of the district's total area, which reflects its agricultural character. Woodland occupies 1462 ha or 3613 acres. The area of the district is situated in two agricultural regions, Zninsko-Mogilenski and, in a small part, Szubinsko-Barcinski.

The district's agricultural quality measure is quite high: 82,6 points, grading on a 100-point scale. Its agriculture is focused on crops, animal husbandry and fruit farming are less popular.

Agricultural structure:
ploughland – 18805 ha or 46468 acres (93.15%)
grassland – 1247.5 ha or 3082 acres (6.18%)
orchards – 135.5 ha or 335 acres (0.67%)

Annual plant production amounts to 100 000 tonnes or 98 425 gross tons. 65% of the plant production is made up of grains: 25% wheat, 19% barley, sugar beets 16%. What is produced form meadows and pastures constitutes 4.5% of total plant production. Animal husbandry is less developed in the district than plant production. Pigs are the most common farm animals.

An average farm size is 15.8 ha or 39 acres. The main plants cultivated in the district:
- 4 grains take up 63% of the total arable land in the district
- potatoes
- 11% of the total arable land is taken up by sugar beets
- 9% of the total arable land – other plants
- 17% - meadows and pastures


Heat distribution
The main source of heat in Znin is the boiler house located in the industrial part of the town, which is fitted with two WP 10 boilers with the nominal power of 11.6 MW each. The length of the heat distribution network is 23.5 km [14.6 miles]. There are two more boiler houses in the district, which supply two housing estates in Brzyskorzystewko and Cerkwica with heat.

Water supply
The length of the water supply network is 260 km [162.5 miles]. The network's condition is sufficient. 97% of the houses in the district are connected to the system. There are 17 water intakes in the district plus 5 owned by Agencja Nieruchomosci Rolnych [Agricultural Property Agency - APA], 7 water treatment plants plus 4 owned by APA and 3466 water terminals connecting indivual buildings with the system. There are plans to modernize waterworks in Sobiejuchy and Nadborow.

Gas supply
Znin is supplied with gas from the DN 150 high pressure gas pipeline. First grade gas measuring station is located outside the town's boundaries in the village of Murczyn. The district rural areas have yet to be connected to the gas supply system. The district had a plan of connecting its rural areas and the northwestern part of Znin to the gas supply drawn up in 1999. A building of a DN 100 high pressure gas pipeline being a branch of the high pressure gas pipeline Barcin-Znin-Kcynia is projected in the plan.

The northwestern part of Znin is first on the list of the places to be connected to the network since social welfare house, the industrial part of the town as well as an area of detached houses are located there.

The realisation of the abovementioned plan is dependent on the amount of funds Bydgoszcz Gas Supplier is going to provide.

The condition of the existing telecommunications network is excellent. Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. has an automatic switchboard situated in Znin and others in nearby villages: Brzyskorzystewko, Gorzyce, Jadowniki Rycerskie. Apart from TP S.A. EL-Net S.A. operates in the district.

The road network of the district is made up by
14 km [8.75 miles] national roads [A roads]
22 km [13.75 miles] voivodship roads [B roads]
130 km [81.25 miles] district roads [C roads]
164 km [102.5 miles] gmina roads [D roads]

Sewage system
The length of the sewage system: 38 km [24 miles]
The length and the number of terminals connecting individual households to the system: 11.5 km [7 miles] / 681
The number of households connected: Znin 70%, Cerekwica 85%, Brzyskorzystewko 100%, Jadowniki Rycerskie 50%, Sielec 90%, Wilczkowo 90%, Kaczkowko 100%. Laying of drainpipes Sielec-Podobowice-Slebowo-Cerekwica, Chejmanowka-Bialozewin-Znin, Uscikowo-Cerekwica is projected in the nearest future.

Sewage treatment plant in Jaroszewo
Methods used: physical, biological and chemical
Maximum capacity: 5 200 cubic metres a day
Average capacity: 2 500 cubic metres a day (not used to its full potential)

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